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Patreon Membership & Shop

Third Cosmic Code Art service, Patreon memberships, are here! You can become a CCA patron by joining my Patreon page. There are 4 different tiers to choose from.Three of the tiers you will get access to 1-3 mandala/month with Light Language codes for the collective, plus other exclusive content.


If you choose my fourth tier, you will get one personal mandala/month (with unique Light Language codes to you) in a digital form, plus all my other tiers benefits as well.

New! My Patreon shop is now open! You can now find all of my digital artwork on my Patreon page (shop), and purchase them in digital form. There are also older digital mandalas available (free downloads for all paid patreon members).

If you are interested, or want more information, click down below :)

Older mandalas from 2018-2020. Only available on my Patreon shop (digital downloads).

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